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- Microsoft, Intersex: What You Need to Know, 2021.

- Starbucks, The ‘I’ Doesn’t Stand for Invisible: What You Need to Know about Intersex, 2021.

- Owens Corning, Intersex: What You Need to Know, 2021.

- Novartis, A Conversation About Intersex Inclusion, 2021.

- Lockheed Martin, Intersex: What You Need to Know, 2021.

- Starbucks, Pride Network Panel, The ABCs of LGBTQIA2+, Video, 2021. 

- Out & Equal and interACTIntersex Inclusion in the Workplace Guide, 2020. 



- U.S. Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Intersex 101, 2023.

- U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Intersex 101, 2023.

- U.S. State Department, LGBTQI+ Task Force, Intersex 101, 2022.

- Pride in Federal Government, Intersex: What You Need to Know, 2021.

- U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Pride in Federal Service Panel, 2021​.

- U.S. Congressional Equality Caucus, Panel: Intersex Rights, Washington DC, 2021.

- U.S. Office of Civil Rights, Region 1, Staff Training: Intersex 101, Boston, 2016.

- U.S. HHS and State Department, Staff Training: Intersex Human Rights, Washington DC, 2015.



- Boston Children's Hospital, Intersex: The Human Rights Perspective, 2021. 

Fenway National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center,Affirming Primary Care for Intersex People, 2020.



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- Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance, Reproduction on the Margins: Right to Have a Child, 2021.

- UN LGBTI Core Group, Intersex Human Rights, June 2019 (2018 & 2017).

- UN World Pride Human Rights Conference, A Scientific Approach to Campaigning for LGBTI Equality, 2019.

- UN Panel Born Perfect, 2018.

- UN Panel Human Rights Principles for the Treatment of Rural LBGTI Women, 2018.

- UN Panel Gender Stereotyping: Why We Do It, Why It's a Problem and How We Fight It, 2018.

- European Union for Human Rights, Dispelling Myths and Delivering Rights: Intersex Issues in Focus, 2017.

- Official Signatory to Yogyakarta Principles +10, 2017.

- Arcus Forum: Invisible No More, The Global Intersex Human Rights Movement, Video, 2016.

- UN Intersex Panel Side Event sponsored by ILGA World, 2015.

- UN OHCHR, Expert Meeting on Ending Human Rights Violations on Intersex Persons, 2015. 



- Writers Guild of America - West, Invisible No More: The Need for Intersex Stories, Video, 2021.

- ATX TV Festival, 'Faking It’ Reunion Panel, 2021.

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